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Sheikh Samer Khaldoun Barakat: We found solutions to overcome the crisis

The member of the Board of Directors, and member of the Internal Audit Committee in the Arab Reinsurance Company, Sheikh Samer Khaldoun Barakat, explained the challenges in transferring funds abroad and he thus confirmed that solutions were developed to overcome the crisis and honor all due liabilities including amounts to be paid to cedants. The company is also on track to improve shareholder results and develop its operations and capabilities.

Moreover, Sheikh Barakat emphasized the previous actions taken to diversify investments and business geographically even though it has been continuously committed to the Lebanese insurance market despite all challenges. Arab Re is strongly committed to service excellence and honoring liabilities as was proved during its long history.

Finally, Sheikh Samer Barakat tackled developments such as blockchain and he also analyzed price trends in the aftermath of the natural catastrophes that took place in 2017, future trends and the future prospects of the Arab reinsurance sector.

Al Bayan Magazine, January 2020, Issue No 578, Page 444