Maarad Street, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Our identity
A leading regional arab reinsurer

Arab Reinsurance Company S.A.L. (Inter-Arab Company) was established in 1972, following a decision by the General Arab Insurance Federation, being the first specialized reinsurance company in Lebanon. It has become pioneer in reinsurance in the region, with the focus to provide solid reinsurance cover solutions that align with our business partners’ requirements.

Our shareholders

Include 43 insurance and reinsurance companies, banks, governmental institutions, and Arab citizens; representing 13 Arab countries.

Our financial highligths

As at 31.12.2022
- Paid-up capital: USD 75M (authorized USD 100M)
- Equity: USD 109M - Invested assets: USD 161M
- Liquidity ratio: 128% - Solvency ratio: 237%
- Net profit: USD 4.8M


Our Services

Reinsurance services; including property and casualty, marine, life, and medical.

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Our Team

50+ Elite professionals capable of keeping pace with progress and the requirements of the reinsurance industry, and providing the best services.

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Our commitments
Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision

To be a reinsurer of excellence.


Our mission is to be a leading reinsurance company, offering the most adequate risk solutions’ coverage to our business partners in the industry. We strive to remain a trusted entity, reputed for offering top services in the domain, renowned for its financial strength and promptness to meet its financial obligations, and the attractive returns it gives to our shareholders, and known for its unwavering commitment to excellence through the expertise of its highly skilled and competent team, and the continuous update of our systems and workflows.

Evolution milestones of
Our history

Company Establishment

Arab Reinsurance Company was established in Lebanon, with a capital amounting to GBP 2M; being the first of its kind in Lebanon.



Arab Re moved its premises to its headquarter in the heart of Beirut Down Town.



Arab Re’s capital increased to USD 75M (fully paid). (Authorized USD 100M)


50 Years

Arab Re Celebrates its 50 Years anniversary.



A team of more than 50 elite professionals holding university degrees from topnotch educational bodies in Lebanon and abroad.

The Insurance and Reinsurance have always played a vital role in managing risks and providing financial protection to individuals, companies and institutions. This role is so crucial nowadays that it has become impossible for the insurance company to be solely responsible for compensation, regardless of the amount of capital and reserves held. Therefore, the need for reinsurers is increasing day by day, mainly due to the increase in the volume of risks and the emergence of new ones, which allows to share with the insurer the financial consequences resulting from the risks, give the required flexibility to underwrite, and provide a stable amount of profits.

Since the role of the reinsurer is not only limited to participating in paying the required compensation, but to achieve profits as well, in order to ensure the necessary protection, Arab Reinsurance Company, throughout its long path, has proven to be able to play this role to the fullest. Indeed,  its precedence in paying claims, regardless of their volume, in addition to providing a high level of expertise to its clients,  allowed it to weave historical relationships with them and gain their trust and respect.

Fifty years have passed since the establishment of Arab Reinsurance Company s.a.l. (Inter-Arab Company), on 11/3/1972, following a recommendation by the General Arab Insurance Federation during its fifth conference, which was held in Kuwait in 1969. It was the first specialized reinsurance company in Lebanon, established by a unified Arab will, and with an Arab capital amounting to two million sterling pounds, and by a large number of shareholders with different Arab identities from both private and government sectors.The Lebanese Civil War, which began in 1975 and continued for fifteen years, disturbed the company's takeoff, preventing it from achieving its desired growth and objectives. Despite this, the company continued to carry out its activities from Lebanon, rejecting the many temptations that were offered to it to move it abroad, in order to avoid its participation in a scheme aimed at emptying Lebanon of its institutions, and thus weakening the Lebanese economy, which is considered part of the Arab economy. It was also able to overcome the subsequent security conjoncture that afflicted Lebanon, and the negative effects of the prevailing situation in the country at all levels. Furthermore, the entity of the company was protected from the instability that affected many institutions operating in the insurance and banking sectors.

Arab Reinsurance Company set an example to follow in times of adversity to the country that embraced it and granted it the necessary guarantees and exemptions to facilitate its business completely freely and without hindrance. As well as to its clients by fulfilling its obligations towards them until now. Since companies are the mirror of their employees, our staff proved to be a role model in commitment during tough conditions, embracing loyalty, the spirit of institutional work, and an advanced job education, empowered by integrity and transparency, and led by a harmonized Board of Directors, keen on defending the rights and interests of the company, and this is the secret of its firmness and success and the guarantee of its solid position.

Arab Reinsurance Company, since its establishment, has been and continues to be the focus of Arab insurance companies and the meeting hub for prominent insurance and businessmen. It was managed by an elite of experts from the Arab world, all the way to Sheikh Khaldoun Barakat, who took over the chairmanship of its Board of Directors during the civil war and led the campaign for its persistence. Sheikh Khaldoun worked on strengthening its capital, buying a suitable building for the company, introducing new technologies, developing its human capital, and achieving remunerative profits for its shareholders for many years, which made it occupy an advanced position among its counterparts.

The company's future plan to maintain its position among other reinsurers is to strengthen its financial position and develop its portfolio, while maintaining sound technical standards, and developing its technical, financial, administrative, human and information technology capacities, improving its services, entering new markets, being consist with the international financial reporting standards, striving to improve its rating so as to be in line with its solvency and financial capacity, adopting a conservative policy in dealing with its customers in accordance with transparency and governance, which makes Arab Re a center of attraction for investment, in order to achieve many hopes; as it is considered a successful model of Arab insurance cooperation.